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Specialized in hiring healthcare professionals, Per – Diem Staffing and it’s founding members Soji and Jane were working in diverse industries, and afforded 10+ years in the dental sector; clinical and administrative. They have since been recognized by the top dentists and dental service organizations in the greater New York Region and its immediate surroundings. Our services vary from temporary to permanent staffing solutions. We place staff that are tailored fit to your industry; not limited to Dental but also:
Medical and Dental Sector, Administrative Support, Customer Service, Marketing, Fashion & Retail, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Real Estate. We will arrange pre-screening, skill tests, orientation training, background checks, and in-house drug screening as per request to ensure a perfect match.



Here at Per-Diem, we understand the desires of your dental practice. We placed you with ideal staff and make you the ‘right fit’ in the same way.  We consider the perfect people, to the perfect jobs

Caring Professionals

Through our caring professional services, we can provide Care Assistant through part-time, temporary or permanent basis in Health Care industries.


Everyone needs a general dentist for dental care, we find you the finest dentist for overall oral health care requirements.

Registered Dental Hygienist

Another important position in dental care is Registered Dental Hygienists (RDH) as they are licensed professionals so…

Treatment plan Coordinator

In the US large numbers of hospitals are always vacant for a treatment plan coordinator, due to huge appointments it is necessary…

Dental Assistant

Dentists are incomplete without a dental assistant. From educating patients to preparing treatment chair they are the one who controls procedures…

Office Manager

A dental office manager is responsible for all of the administrative duties in a dental office. These managers must coordinate marketing, budget…



We are glad to provide the finest and top-rated staffing services. We make sure to find the perfect fit for the job/role. Its our goal to develop long term partnerships. Call us today!

John Smith

Liza Mark
Dental Hygienist

Office Manager

Dental Assistant



We are here to find a suitable job according to your role. Choose your industry from our wide range of domains including Administrative Support, Customer Experience, Creative & Marketing, Fashion & Retail, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Real Estate, and Scientific jobs.

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